Holiday Survival Guide: 8 Strategies to Avoid Overeating

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With the holiday season upon us, food is everywhere. From festive holiday parties to dinners with friends and family, let’s face it, this time of year tends to center around food. And, it is perfectly OK to indulge on occasion, sans the guilt, without gaining weight. The trick is to enjoy what you are eating, and to eat mindfully while avoiding overindulging and gaining weight in the process.

For the good news, according to research published in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, Americans, on average, gain just about one pound during the holiday season, with overweight individuals gaining a bit more. This is really not too bad, as long as we keep it to just one pound and get back on track come the New Year.

To help avoid gaining weight this holiday season while also enjoying your favorite foods, here are some strategies that I have used successfully with clients that I counsel in my nutrition practice.

1. Eat healthy MOST of the time.

Make healthy low-calorie choices when you can and do not waste calories nibbling at home while watching TV. Celebrate only at a holiday dinner party or during a holiday event. Plan your day and even plan for your occasional splurge.

2. Eat what you LOVE.

Do not waste calories overeating on cookies and junk food that you do not like just because they are sitting there or because someone else is eating them. Save your extra calories for special foods you enjoy during this time of year.

3. Mind your PORTIONS.

What I love about portion control is that you can still indulge in your favorite foods instead of banning them completely. And you do not have to eat tiny portions. The trick is to eat larger portions of healthy foods balanced with smaller portions of more indulgent and high-calorie choices.

4. Try eating off of RED plates.

Red is a festive color and red plates certainly go with the season. New research published in the journal Appetite found that we eat less when eating food on a red plate. Subjects who were given pretzels on a red plate ate significantly less than those given pretzels on a blue or white plate. Who knew? Certainly worth a try. The authors suggest that the color red may work as a subtle stop signal (like a red traffic light) which may guide us to reduce our intake.

5. Eat MORE fruits and veggies.

High in fiber, rich in nutrients, and low in calories, enjoying colorful fruits and vegetables is a win-win. Try filling half of your plate with fruits or vegetables at each meal.

6. Limit LIQUID calories.

When we drink our calories instead of eat them, we do not tend to register fullness and we often end up consuming extra unnecessary calories. For example, we often eat a bag of chips with the soda we are guzzling down. And liquid calories such as soda are pure empty calories. Many alcoholic drinks also tend to be high in calories and drinking tends to decrease our resistance to temptations. It is OK to enjoy an occasional glass of red wine, or white wine spritzer, but best to have the drink with dinner and not on an empty stomach. And, fill up on water or seltzer, both calorie free, before your meal.

7. Keep up your EXERCISE routine.

Choose an exercise routine you enjoy and pick a time that works for you so that you will stick to it.

8. DROP the guilt.

If you overate, do not feel guilty. And now there is now research to prove it.

New research found that people who feel guilty after eating large amounts of snack foods tend to gain more weight than those who don’t feel the guilt.

This year, enjoy the holiday season sans guilt!

Dr. Lisa Young (December 17, 2013). Holiday Survival Guide: 8 Strategies to Avoid Overeating. Retrieved from

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Doctor’s Best PycnoBrain Complex feat. Pycnogenol & Taurine

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Contrary to popular belief that an average human being only uses about 10% of his/her brain, it is arguably the most used part/organ of the body. It is quite surprising to know that even when we sleep, the brain still does its complex tasks of transmitting information throughout the body. But as we age, it only tends to perform significantly slower, commonly resulting to memory loss, less focus, sleep disorder, anxiety, stress, or worse, dementia.

So what exactly do we need in order for us to take care not just our body, but also our mental state? After all, the brain is the main control system of the body, right?

What is Pycnogenol?

Pycnogenol is a standardized complex of highly-active plant substances such as procyanidins, polyphenol and phenolic acid from French maritime pine extraction (Pinus Pinaster). Proven beneficial facts of this plant extraction include enhancement of memory, attention, mood and other higher brain functions. It also improves blood circulation to the brain and retinal tissue of the eye.

Benefits of Taurine

Taurine is an amino acid that helps the detoxification process of the body, as well as facilitates the catalytic, protective and regulatory functions of the body, which is essential for body development and maintenance. Taurine is also vital for producing bile fluid in the digestive system for better digestion.

When these two become one…

Having Pycnogenol and Taurine from your daily dose of supplement, paired with a balanced diet, adequate sleep and regular exercise and will help boost back your brain’s prime performance while promoting & maintaining your state of well-being, resulting to better you. In addition, the antioxidant properties that are being produced by these two ingredients eliminates free-radicals, which is responsible for early-aging; and hypochlorus acid, a chloride-containing oxygen derivative that is commonly used in bleach and disinfectants.

Doctor’s Best PycnoBrain

Doctor’s Best PycnoBrain is a standard-based dietary supplement that has the full benefits of Pycnogenol and Taurine. Suitable for both kids and adults, this supplement is also advisable for vegan, for enhancing mental performance and well-being.

Thinking twice? Why not… Think AHEAD?

See More:

References: Doctor’s Best webpage


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There’s More than One Way to Feel Better With Pain Management Methods

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Pain management is something that most people at one point in their lives will have to deal with. After all, pain is a common human condition – not a lot of people can say they’ve never encountered a physically painful situation at any time in their lives. For some people, however, they have to live their lives with pain, as the sources of their condition are constant and have been dealt in various ways, to no avail. This is especially true as people age, and women in their senior years are more prone to pain. With a lot of conditions and illnesses that cause pain seemingly impossible to solve already, it is hoped that at least, the pain that patients live is handled, so that they would not have to suffer badly and continue to live more normal lives.

Strategies for pain management include medications that relieve pain, occupational and/or physical therapy and alternative or complementary therapy. Let’s look through them one by one.
Pain-relieving medications have been one of the oldest pain management techniques used throughout mankind’s history, since the establishment of medicine and pharmacy. As of the moment, the most common medicines used to management pain, some of which most of us have already used at one point in our lives include

  • Paracetamol
  • Aspirin
  • NSAIDs (short for non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen which aim to reduce inflammation of body parts that lead to pain
  • Codeine, morphine and other opioid drugs that in most countries, can only be administered by medical professionals
  • Anesthetics

For proper pain management using medicines, a patient has to be given the right medication that would be related to the kind of pain felt. For the right medicine to be administered, the patient should give his or her doctor the right information, especially in terms of where the pain is felt, the intensity of the pain, avoidance of any activity that would worsen the pain, and the impact that the experienced pain has on the patient’s lifestyle, including appetite and sleep. Other medicines already being taken by the patient should also be considered so that the doctor can choose the safest and most effective medical pain management option.

Occupational and physical therapy as pain management methods include both physical and psychological methods. For some patients, increased physical activity like stretching, walking, and doing aerobic and strength-building exercises can aid in pain management as it reduces pain, depending its cause. Some pain suffers can employ the services of a physical therapist or a chiropractor to increase bone and muscular strength, including arthritic and osteo-arthritic patients and those who have suffered from a sport-related injury or some sort of accident.

A branch of pain management also relates to a patient’s attitude and the way he or she copes emotionally with chronic pain. Counseling aids a lot in making a patient strengthen his or her resolve to not be defeated by the pain present in his or her life.

Complementary and alternative pain management strategies include acupuncture, stress management, and alternative (herbal, natural) medicine, among others, which have been attested by a lot of patients to help a lot on alleviating the pain they feel.

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Anti-Aging Supplements with Hormones and Resveratrol

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Resveratrol with Pterostilbene 250 mg, 60 Veggie Capsules, ReserveAge Organics

Omega-3 Fish Oil Concentrate, 60 Softgels, Solgar

Omega-3 Fish Oil Concentrate, 60 Softgels, Solgar

Everybody is into anti-aging supplements nowadays. There are just so many elements in today’s world that hasten aging – from pollution and lack of activity to unwanted and unnecessary stress. Moreover, people just want to look and feel younger. Many people are beginning to see the advantages of having a younger-looking body and feeling younger than your years.

More and more anti-aging supplements are found in nature and pride themselves as supplements containing natural ingredients. One of the more popular supplemental ingredients is green tea and green tea extracts. Green tea has been used for thousands of years in the Far East and it has been known to be helpful in curbing heart disease and certain types of cancer. Green tea extracts has been proven to contain high amounts of flavanols and polyphenols which are potent antioxidants. Free radicals which destroy body cells and hasten aging of internal organs can now be combated with green tea extracts.

Other anti-aging supplements that have been found to be effective are:

  • Omega-3 oils (found in fish) that maintain a strong, young heart. Maintaining a well-functioning heart is an essential factor in curbing the effects of aging.
  • Carnosine (eggs and dairy) which buffs pH levels, protecting muscles from high glucose levels which can destroy them.

But then, anti-aging supplements these days have found a new face. Although the use of antioxidants in anti-aging supplements still is the leading practice, hormones have also been thoroughly considered and are now fast becoming the subject of studies and solutions on aging.

The things with hormones though is that they have not really shown a significant effect when it comes to reversing aging. In a recent review by the American Medical Association, products that contain or therapies that increase levels of human growth hormone, estrogen and testosterone have not really displayed effects as potent as they promised. Anti-aging supplements that have shown more promise are those with lipoic acid as one of their active ingredients. Lipoic acid is an antioxidant and also functions as a recycler of other antioxidants which doubles its effect. It also acts as a suppressant of the bad effects that excess glucose has on the body.

A natural sleep aid, melatonin supplements have also demonstrated effectiveness in terms of being an antioxidant, aside from its primary purpose of treating insomnia. When taken in higher dosages, it has been proven to have great anti-aging properties.

Another substance that is getting recognition for its anti-aging effectiveness is resveratrol, which is usually found in grapes and blueberries. Its antioxidant properties and effectiveness against combating harmful effects of cholesterol has made it an in demand anti-aging product. Its anti-inflammatory and fat loss properties have also made it an effective aid in preventing certain cancers and heart disease.

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Looking for the Best Anti-Aging Supplements

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Anti-Aging & Wrinkles for Women, 2 oz, King Bio Homeopathic (KingBio)

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Anti-Aging 3 Collagen, Tropical Flavor, 300 g, Dr. Venessa’s Formulas

Youtheory Resveratrol Anti-Aging Benefits, 290 Tablets, Nutrawise Corporation

Youtheory Resveratrol Anti-Aging Benefits, 290 Tablets, Nutrawise Corporation

These days, anti-aging supplements are all the craze. People want to feel younger, look at least 10 years than what they really are. But aside from vanity, people nowadays subscribe to anti-aging supplements because most of them are exposed to harmful elements on a daily basis. Polluted air and water, unhealthy food choices and lack of physical activity are just some factors that cause people to age faster than expected.
If you want to slow down the effects of aging here are some points that you can consider regarding aging and anti-aging supplements:

  • Imbalance of sugar levels caused by accumulation of advanced glycation end products and blood sugar level increases should be curbed by making sure you have a balanced diet and lots of regular exercise.
  • Stress is another aging factor, not just causing visible frown lines in the face but allowing toxin build-up in the body. Adapt a healthy lifestyle and supplement your diet with vitamins and herbs that relieve stress.
  • Antioxidants remain to be the best anti-aging supplements available. The links between free radicals and aging have been made clear by scientists. Thus, people who want to curb the effects of aging are encouraged to consume food and supplements rich in antioxidants – minerals, vitamins, polyphenols, carotenoids and flavonols.

Anti-aging supplements nowadays include hormone replacement. This is because it is widely believed that the decline of several hormones’ levels in our body promotes aging. Thus, a lot of people prescribe to having their hormones replaced at a certain age, in the belief that their bodies will be restored to a more youthful state.

A lot of people who swear by anti-aging supplements say that several hormones are essential to looking and feeling young. Good examples of these hormones are progesterone, estrogen and testosterone. These hormones provide different functions essential to youth including maintenance of sex drive, keeping the mind sharp and sober, provide heart protection, build tissues for bones, skin and muscles and help us feel attractive physically.

Anti-aging supplements triggering production of thyroid hormones are also very much in demand. Thyroid hormones aids in fat burning, thus making our bodies trimmer and more energetic. Also, insulin levels which increase with age can cause adult-onset diabetes and what is known as Syndrome X if left untreated. With age, insulin and blood sugar levels rise, causing excess levels of these to enter the blood stream, damaging tissues in the body. The same can be said with cortisol, which can cause catabolism and does not decrease with age.

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Suffering From Acid Reflux? Here are Things You May Eat

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ManukaGuard Nutralize for Heartburn Relief, Ginger Peach, 7 oz

Reflux-Away (Stomach Distress) 60 caps from NaturalCare

Reflux-Away (Stomach Distress) 60 caps from NaturalCare

Gastro Esophageal reflux disease (GERD) or what is more popularly known as acid reflux cannot actually be considered a disease. It is actually a condition that happens when the acid present in the stomach leaks upward, back into the esophagus due to a number of reasons. Acid reflux is so common, it is a condition experienced by millions of people all over the world. Acid reflux in itself may not actually be considered a severe condition. However, the seriousness of GERD is experienced when occurring with other symptoms. This conjunction may be a sign of a disorder which is more serious. Thus, it is essential to understand what GERD really is so that it would not result to worse complications.

Most people who experience acid reflux often resort to taking over-the-counter antacids for quick relief of GERD symptoms. However, it is recommended by most doctors to promote proper eating habits for people experiencing GERD, as it will not only help fix the problem but also give them a sense of good health. There are a number of foods available that can be eaten safely by acid reflux suffers that do not trigger the symptoms. There are also kinds of food that exactly do the opposite in the sense that they worsen the symptoms of GERD. Take a look at the list below so that you can know which foods to consume and which to avoid if you have acid reflux.

  • Vegetables

Veggies such as broccoli, peas, and carrots are recommended. Potato eaten plain is fine but when it is cooked as French fries or mixed with dressings and butter like potato salad and mashed potatoes, they should be avoided.

  • Fruits

Beneficial fruits for acid reflux suffers include papaya and pineapple as they both aid in neutralizing what is inside the stomach. Also safe for people with GERD are berries like strawberries, cranberries, blueberries, as well as apples and bananas.

  • Grains

Foods made from grains like bread (whether multi-grain or white), crackers, cereals, and rice are good. Grain neutralizes the juices in the stomach.

  • Meats

Meat is fine as long as it is prepared well. Poultry is good as long as it is white meat, the same with fish. They should be prepared without adding fat.

For those suffering from GERD symptoms, VitaSprings also has some products for you. For instant relief from conditions like heartburn, the ManukaGuard Nutralize is an ideal product. Reflux-Away is also another products that guarantees relief from stomach disorders like flatulence, heartburn, and chronic indigestion.

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Introducing to New Chapter: A Herbal Supplement Best Seller

Addressing the Inflammation Response the Same Old Way?

For a new chapter in healthy inflammation response, discover Zyflamend.

A Natural Process

The body’s inflammation response is a natural process—part of your body doing its job. There’s an inflammation response we can feel, like in the neck, back, or joints after exercise. Did you know there’s also a “silent” inflammation response happening inside the body? We may not be able to feel it, but this response can affect every organ and cell. That’s why maintaining a healthy inflammation response is important for whole-body health.

Science and Tradition

At New Chapter, we are dedicated to scientific validation for our products. Zyflamend’s ten-herb formula is based on extensive research that discovered how botanical compounds can safely and effectively support optimal health and wellness.* Hundreds of whole, active herbal compounds work together to help your body’s healthy inflammation process.* We’re also guided by time-tested herbal tradition. People around the world have used the herbs in Zyflamend for culinary and therapeutic purposes for thousands of years. Turmeric, Ginger, and Holy Basil are common in Asian and Indian wellness regimes. Green Tea is cultivated and consumed across that same area, and revered for its remarkable properties. Rosemary and Oregano are culinary treasures of the Mediterranean. Zyflamend is also rich in resveratrol, the heart-healthy compound in red wine – part of the healthy Mediterranean diet. Chinese Skullcap, Chinese Goldthread, Hu Zhang, and Barberry are time-honored tonic herbs in the Chinese herbal tradition.

NEW Targeted Zyflamend

New Chapter understands that people may have different needs for a specific healthy inflammation response. That’s why we’ve created targeted Zyflamend for supporting critical areas of health.

New Chapter, Inc. (n.d.). The New Chapter Difference. Retrieved from

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