Lasting Longer in Bed for Men

The study shows that most men in their early 40s are showing signs of declining performance when it comes to engaging in sexual activities with their partners. Talk about the ugly truth. For reasons like age-related pains, stress and psychological issues, sexual activity slowly becomes a dreaded task instead of being an enjoyable experience, leaving the poor couple tired and unsatisfied.


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Resorting to supplements is one thing. But nothing beats a few good ol’ natural remedies to reclaim your mojo. So to help you overcome this common problem, here are some natural means to revitalize your kinkiness!



– Engaging yourself in physical activity not only improves your health, it also boosts your sexual energy to keep you “on-the-go. Maintaining your body in good shape promotes better performance in bed, as exercise regulates blood circulation to the body. A good 30 minutes to 1 hour cardio everyday is a good start to pump up your mood. Who knows, maybe a month or so, your partner will be able to notice the hard work you’ve done to achieve those muscles (no pun intended).

Good Clean and Fun

– Who says smoking and drinking are harmless vices? And don’t even mention about drug use. Aside from the fact that these can affect your body in general, it can also help diminish your “magic” in bed. Instead, kick the habit and replace it with eating healthy food. Although doctors and specialists say that wine promotes blood circulation, it’s better to limit your alcohol intake to a max of 2 glasses.


– Expert recommends spicing up your food if you can’t seem to spice up your sex life. The chili pepper is known to stimulate blood flow, providing the needed pump to make your “thing” rise up, while potassium-rich food like avocado, banana and asparagus help release a series of pulses of electrical activity needed for stimulating sexual senses for arousal. Oysters on the other hand provide zinc, which helps in the production of testosterone in the body.

Indulge Your Sweet Tooth for Sweet Lovin’

- Chocolates may also help boost your libido because of its high phenylethylamine content, AKA “the love drug”, which is responsible for intensifying one’s well-being. It also helps the brain to release endorphin. Now you know why chocolates are very popular during Valentine’s Day.

Go Herbal

– The widely popular and arguably the most dependable among all herbal remedies are Gingko Biloba and Ginseng. Not only they can raise every guy’s manhood, Gingko Biloba acts as an antioxidant which is responsible for preventing the regeneration of free radicals in the body, while


is known for its medicinal benefits such as for controlling the blood sugar in the body and fights fatigue for cancer patients.

Practice Makes Perfect

– If you think your performance is slowly declining for some odd reasons, it is not wrong to do the usual practice to get back in the game. Even doctors agree that there’s nothing wrong with masturbation. In fact, it is proven that it can improve one’s immunity and even prevents cancer. Of course, with masturbation, you can always test different rhythms to improve your longevity.

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