Quality of Life

Many nutritional supplement companies today claim to be based in science, yet few define what that really means. Quality of Life Labs has a very simple, yet exacting, scientific standard: 100 percent of the ingredients used in its formulas are backed by human clinical studies and are delivered in doses consistent with the supporting research.

In practical application, this means that even if an ingredient has great supporting test tube and animal studies, Quality of Life will not use it unless it has also been the subject of positive human clinical research. Why? Many times ingredients that perform well in a laboratory setting do not hold up under the scrutiny of human clinical studies. Being dedicated to making products that work means being dedicated to human clinical research—no ifs, ands or buts.

Quality of Life Company History

In 1977, Steve Yamada founded Maypro as a distributor of top-quality nutraceuticals and fine chemicals to the United States. Over the years, Maypro introduced many of today’s specialty blockbuster ingredients—such as CoQ10, glucosamine, chondroitin and alpha lipoic acid—to the American marketplace.

Kinoko 750 100ccIn the late 1990s, Yamada became particularly excited by AHCC, a hybridized medicinal mushroom extract backed by dozens of studies published in peer-reviewed journals. At the time, however, few companies were willing to risk launching a brand-new, proprietary product that consumers had never heard of.

In 1998, Yamada established Quality of Life Labs to provide American consumers with access to AHCC and other life-changing nutraceutical ingredients. For 15 years, Quality of Life has been the leader in bringing clinically backed ingredients from all over the world in finished product form to the U.S. market. Even though today Quality of Life operates as an independent company, its relationship with Maypro provides it access to unique, proprietary and science-backed ingredients.

Quality of Life Products

Quality of Life offers a full line of highly innovative, clinically supported nutritional supplements. Its commitment to scientific innovation is underscored by the fact that Quality of Life is the only company in the industry to have won the prestigious Nutracon NutrAward for top evidence-based product of the year three times:

AHCC® hybridized medicinal mushroom extract, the world’s most researched specialty immune supplement (2002).

Oligonol®, the first commercially produced low-molecular-weight polyphenol, with documented anti-aging effects (2007).

VitaPQQ 100ccVitaPQQ™, the first dietary supplement ever to feature the newly discovered vitamin PQQ, which preserves mitochondrial function (2010).

Other clinically supported products in the Quality of Life line include: Allerfin™, BoneCal™, Branched Chain Oligonol (BCO)®, Cardionase™, CardioChol®, CognI•Q™, CoQ10-SR™, Deodorex®, Genisol®, ImmunoComplex®, Peptisol™, ProbioPure™, ProstaCell®, Resveratrol-SR and Pure Balance™ Serotonin.


Quality of Life (2013). Retrieved from http://blog.qualityoflife.net/209/quality-of-life-the-mission-is-in-the-name

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Reviva Labs Skincare Products for Eyes, Lips, and Face

Reviva Labs has introduced many groundbreaking concepts since its inception in 1973…

The first to introduce exfoliation to America…with our European LIGHT SKIN PEEL (We were explaining the importance of exfoliation years before the cosmetics giants introduced their versions)
The first to introduce elastin to America…Both in skin-care salons and health food stores
No animal testing! Before it was even an issue (way back in 1973), we announced the testing of our products in skin-care salons rather than on animals
And here are several more “FIRSTS” that we are proud to have introduced via Health Food Stores and Skin-Care Salons

INTERCELL DAY CREAM & NIGHT GEL (with hyaluronic acid & glycogen)
non-drying approach to acne -unique dark-spot lightening formulas
· collagen fibre masks
· glycolic acid products
· serum for eyelids
· oxygen-via stabilized hydrogen peroxide
· stabilized ascorbic acid & ascorbigen (“C” extract from cabbage for powerful anti-free radical action)
For over 40 Years Reviva Labs has been producing all natural skin-care products that help leave your skin healthier and more youthful-looking.

Reviva Labs products are sold in professional skin care salons and health food stores worldwide, which attests to the effectiveness and safety of our products.

Reviva Labs is one of the most unique skin-care brands in the cosmetic industry. Reviva’s products are not conventional commercial items. Established in 1973 to serve the newly emerging skin-salon market, the Reviva line is comprised of skin treatments created for skin-care professionals’demand for individualized formulas that meet specific needs.

Thus in Reviva’s broad array, each product is formulated for a specific purpose.

During Reviva’s early years, it was known as “The U.N. of skin-care discoveries”. With European affiliations, Reviva’s founder had selected the specialties of 12 different laboratories in 6 different countries, imported them in bulk and repackaged in retail sizes under the Reviva label.

Years later, Reviva Labs’ own chemists – experienced with natural extracts – were able to reproduce the treatments, following Reviva’s exacting standards; adding the latest technological advances.

Reviva Labs, a small company compared to the cosmetic giants, via it’s european affiliations and dermatalogical research, has introduced more skin-care firsts through America’s skin salons and health food stores, than most of the cosmetic giants.

See more at: http://www.vitasprings.com/reviva.html

Reviva Labs (n.d.). Retrieved from http://www.revivalabs.com/

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Anti-Oxidants for a Younger You

Featured Items


GenF20 Plus HGH, Human Growth Hormone Releaser, Albion Medical

GenF20 Plus HGH, Human Growth Hormone Releaser, Albion Medical

Maca HRT (Hormone Free Rejuvenation Therapy) from Maca Magic

Maca HRT (Hormone Free Rejuvenation Therapy) from Maca Magic

Looking into anti-aging supplements will not be complete without looking into anti-oxidants.  One major factor that affects human aging is oxidation.  Thus, it is important that we take in a lot of anti-oxidants to combat this process.  But what exactly is oxidation and why do we need anti-aging supplements through anti-oxidants?

Oxidation happens when oxygen is burned and produces what is known as free radicals.  Everything that has contact with oxygen is witness to oxidation.  Thus, we see rusting in metals.  In humans, we age.  That is because free radicals are kept inside the body.  These are molecules that are incomplete because of a missing electron.   In its quest to find its missing electron to become stable, free radicals damage and destroy cells it gets contact into. The involvement of DNA worsens the problem, resulting in cell mutations, which cause cancer tumors.  On healthy cells, free radical damage causes aging.

Considering the level of free radical oxidative damage that accumulates in cells, it is important to include anti-oxidants as anti-aging supplements Without curbing the levels of free radicals in our body, cells cannot grow healthily – they die and do not multiply anymore, causing aging and ultimately death.  Thus, it is important to scout for foods and supplements rich in anti-oxidants as they target the main cause of aging.

Another option for anti-aging supplements would be hormone level increase or hormone replacement.  This is because a lot of people believe that aging is also caused sub-optimal levels of hormones present in the body.  It is said that as people get older, production and presence of some hormones in our body start decreasing.  These hormones include include estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, melatonin, human growth hormone, androstenedione and DHEA.  Moreover, at this period, levels of cortisol (also known as the stress hormone) and insulin tend to increase, causing such ailments as adult-onset diabetes.

Human growth hormone, responsible for the stimulation of tissue growth which propels growth in our internal organs, skin, muscles, nerves, and bones slows down as we get older.  Meanwhile, levels of melatonin which is utilized for sleep, decreases with age, making older people sleep with difficulty.  This causes their bodies to find it hard to repair tissues and function properly because of lack of rest.  Meanwhile, DHEA which is considered the building blocks of testosterone and estrogen, boosts brain and immune system functions.

With these linkages, it cannot be helped that a lot of people opt to have anti-aging supplements that include these hormones, or at least triggers that help increase the production of these hormones.  It is also a practice for some that they undergo hormone replacement therapy aside from anti-aging supplements to combat aging.

We have a good selection of hormone-infused products that will surely satisfy your urge for a younger, healthier body.


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What’s New? Nature’s Lab

Nature’s Lab aims to be the top quality supplements for the needs of Americans wishing to enhance their pursuit of a happy, healthy, and active lifestyle. The goal of Nature’s Lab is to be the model of a great business, the continuing source of products for those wishing to lead a healthy life, and a window of opportunity for those looking for more information about health and nutrition.

Core Values of Nature’s Labs:

-Saving lives, reducing and reversing disease, supplementing active lifestyles – supplying customers with only the best products to ensure quality lives balanced with nutrition, exercise, and rejuvenation.

-Science-based information system to educate consumers to make the best choices for overall wellness – a thorough forum and discussion panel supplied by experts in the field to support well-balanced, active, and useful information to every consumer.

Nature’s Lab (n.d.). Retrieved from http://natureslab.com/about_us.html

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Rose Hip Seed Oil is Worth the Hype

The rising popularity of rosehip seed oil is due to its many uses as one of the best beauty serums for facial care. Aura Cacia’s purchasing team recently visited the source of our rosehip oil in the Patagonia region of Chile during harvest season — a trip that highlighted six reasons why Aura Cacia rosehip oil is worth all the hype:

1. It’s wild harvested and organic.

While in the Patagonia region, our purchasers confirmed that Aura Cacia’s cold-pressed, organic rosehip seed oil is harvested from abundant wild populations of roses that need no fertilizers or pesticides.

2. It’s as fresh as possible.

The high levels of essential fatty acids in rosehip seed oil are susceptible to rancidity, making it vital to have a direct-sourced, fresh oil. Once picked, rosehip fruits are separated from the leaves, washed and dried in a heated room. Next, the fruit is mechanically separated to reveal about 20 small seeds. The seeds must be used relatively quickly as they will oxidize if stored for too long. The seeds are ground into a powder, then cold pressed into oil. Then, the rosehip oil is packaged in a special clean room inside a refrigerated building to ensure the freshest oil possible — in fact, most oil is pressed only after Aura Cacia orders it.

3. It’s cold-pressed, not solvent-extracted.

Rosehip seeds only yield a scant 3% oil, making it a rare and expensive commodity. The yield of oil can be increased if the seeds are extracted with chemical solvents, but it’s important to always use the cold-pressed version.

4. It’s packaged with care.

Once rosehip oil (in large drums) arrives at the Aura Cacia facility in the United States, vitamin E is added and it is packaged in bottles with clean, pump-dispenser lids. This packaging helps keep it free from contaminants once you begin to use it. To make sure your rosehip is fresh as possible, store your bottle in a dark, cool environment, and use within six months of purchase.

5. It provides supplemental income to the Chilean people who harvest it.

During harvest, a special bucket with a type of metal comb on the front is swept through the bushes, dislodging the rosehips into the bucket. During the harvest in Chile there are about 10,000 harvesters that pick the wild rosehips as supplemental income for their families.

6. It’s a natural skincare powerhouse.

Rosehip seed oil is called a “dry oil” because it quickly and easily absorbs into skin, leaving no greasy residue due to the high level of skin-benefiting unsaturated fatty acids. One of the constituents in rosehip seed oil is natural vitamin A (retinol), rather than synthetic vitamin A (retin A) used in many skin care products.


Aura Cacia (n.d.). 6 Reasons Why Rose Hip Seed Oil is Worth the Hype Retrieved from http://www.auracacia.com/rosehip-seed-oil/

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7-Keto "The Key to Healthy Aging" test

Featured Items

7-Keto DHEA 100 mg, 30 Tablets, Source Naturals

7-Keto DHEA 100 mg, 60 Tablets, Source Naturals

7-Keto DHEA 50mg 30 tabs from Source Naturals

7-Keto DHEA 50mg 60 tabs from Source Naturals

About Dr. John L. Zenk

  • John L. Zenk, M.D., is Chief Medical and Scientific Officer for Humanetics Corporation and President and Medical Director of Minnesota Applied Research Center, both located in Eden Prairie, MN. He has spoken nationally and internationally on the subjects of integrating conventional and complementary medicine, anti-aging technologies, evaluating the effectiveness of alternative medicine, and dietary supplement research and development. He is author of the book Living Longer in the Boomer Age, and co-author of the book Age Wise and is a frequent contributor to national media. He has served as Principal Investigator for 15 controlled clinical studies, three of which were recently published in national peer-reviewed journals, and has presented abstracts at the 11th World Congress for Food Science and Technology and the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology.

The global population is aging at an alarming rate and causing an explosion in health care costs, insurance premiums, cosmetic surgery and more. In the U.S. alone, more than one million baby boomers are expected to live to 100 years of age or older. This increased life expectancy presents a whole new set of health concerns that the medical community has not had time to address, since there is a greater need to care for age-related health problems in this ever-growing elderly population.1

Aging and the Decline in Vital Nutrients

We all grow old at the same rate but people age at different rates. Aging is a process of gradual changes that occur to varying degrees in each of us. Interestingly, the aging process is composed of different components and interactions, some of which can be impacted. One such component is the declining level of essential biological compounds, which causes our bodily functions to slow and become dysfunctional. Our organs don?t work efficiently, our immune system becomes lazy, we lack energy, our metabolism drops and we gain weight easily.1
7-oxo DHEA (7-Keto™) is a naturally occurring compound that declines with age.2 Replacing this key metabolite helps promote a healthy immune system and maintains resting metabolic rate at levels that accelerate weight loss during standard weight reduction programs.

Aging and a Healthy Immune System

Numerous changes occur in the immune system with advancing age, probably contributing to decreased immune responsiveness. Although all segments of the immune system are affected, investigators have most consistently identified declines in cellular or T-cell mediated immune function in the elderly. The decline in T-cell immune function is generally associated with an increased susceptibility to foreign organisms. For example, individuals with age-related declines in cellular immunity have an impaired response to vaccinations, making them more susceptible to health imbalances even though they have had their shots.
In a clinical study presented at the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology meeting in April 2004, the effect of 7-Keto on elderly immune function was evaluated. Healthy elderly adults were given 7-Keto orally twice daily over a period of one month. The study revealed that 7-Keto augmented several key T-cell mediated immune function parameters compared to placebo administration.4

Age-Related Weight Gain

Age-related weight gain and obesity are approaching epidemic proportions in our country.5 Weight gain is a disorder of energy balance involving energy intake and/or expenditure. Low energy expenditure, a drop in resting metabolic rate (RMR), is a challenge during most weight loss attempts due to age, calorie restriction, lack of physical activity or a combination of factors. RMR represents 60% of total daily energy expenditure.
Maintaining a higher RMR as we age and during weight reduction programs helps us achieve and maintain a normal weight. Furthermore, compounds with the thermogenic potential to achieve even minimal increases in daily energy expenditure of 2-3% may have clinical relevance in preventing the decline in RMR with calorie restricted diets or weight loss, and in decreasing the risk of regaining weight. 7-Keto, a non-stimulant thermogenic compound, has been shown to significantly increase energy expenditure in humans.6
A recently completed clinical study, also presented at the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology 2004 meeting, revealed that administration of 7-Keto to overweight adults in conjunction with a calorie restricted diet effectively reversed the decline in RMR normally associated with dieting. Obese participants following a calorie-restricted diet demonstrated a 5.4% increase in daily RMR with 7-Keto.7
The magnitude of the increase in RMR by 7-Keto is clinically relevant, and represents a promising agent for enhancing thermogenesis and weight loss in obese individuals on calorie-restricted diets. Additionally, 7-Keto has been shown in two confirmatory published clinical studies to result in three times more weight loss compared to diet and exercise alone. It has a favorable side effect profile and is easy and convenient to take.8,9
Our life expectancies will likely be longer than those of our parents, and our quality of life during those years will depend on how well we take care of our bodies now. Undoubtedly, the science of aging will give rise to new and exciting technologies to help us age more gracefully and healthfully. Maintenance of healthy immune function is keenly needed for improved quality of life in the elderly. Dietary manipulation and supplementation has been identified as a method of immune system renewal, and supplements such as 7-Keto may play an important future role as immune system modulators.
Moreover, the addition of 7-Keto to any weight loss program will offer vital support of energy expenditure and help with the attainment of a manageable and healthy weight into our older years.


1. 1995 White House Conference on Aging, ?Executive Summary: The Road to an Aging Policy for the 21st Century,” February 1996: 17-18.
2. Marenich LP. Secretion of Testosterone, Epitestosterone, Androstenedione, and 7-Keto-Dehydroepiandrosterone in Healthy Men of Different Ages. Prob Endokrinol. 1979; 25(4): 28-31.
3. Ginaldi L, De Martinis M, D?Ostilio A, Marini L, Loreto MF, Quaglino D. Immunological Changes in the Elderly. Aging 1999; 11(5): 281-286.
4. Zenk JL, Kuskowski MA. The Use of 3-acetyl-7-oxo-dehydroepiandrosterone for Augmenting Immune Response in the Elderly, Abstract Presented at the meeting of the FASEB, April 17, 2004, Manuscript submitted for publication.
5. Flegal KM, Carroll MD, Ogden CL, Johnson CL. Prevalence and Trends in Obesity Among US Adults. 1999-2000. JAMA 2002;288:1723-1727.
6. Astrup A. Thermogenic Drugs as a Strategy for Treatment of Obesity. Endocrine 2000;13(2):207-212.
7. Zenk JL, Leikam SA, Kassen LJ, Kuskowski MA. A Prospective, Randomized, Double Blind Study to Evaluate the Effect of HUM5007 and 7-oxo DHEA on Resting Metabolic Rate in Overweight Adult Men and Women on a Calorie Restricted Diet, Abstract Presented at the meeting of the FASEB, April 17, 2004, Manuscript submitted for publication.
8. Kalman DS, Colker CM, Swain MA, Torina GC, Shi Q. A Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo Controlled Study of 3-Acetyl-7-Oxo-Dehydroepiandrosterone in Healthy Overweight Adults. Current Therapeutic Research 2000;61: 435-442.
9. Zenk JL, Helmer TR, Kassen LJ, Kuslowski MA. The Effect of 7-Keto Naturalean on Weight Loss: A Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Trial. Current Therapeutic Research 2002; 63:263-272.

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NutriBiotic: the Best Grapefruit Seed Leader


In 1980, NutriBiotic was founded based on the principle that everyone deserves good health. Inspired by the research and recommendations of two-time Nobel Laureate, Linus Pauling, Ph.D., we began work on development of a variety of forms and dosages of Vitamin C and other nutrients. NutriBiotic felt that the public should have the best possible variety of the best possible nutrients at the best possible price, and their initial successes with their family of products showed that you thought so too.   Soon after NutriBiotic began filling the need for quality nutritional supplements, NutriBiotic found another need — the need for high quality, nutrient dense protein for the chemical and food sensitive individual.

In 1987, NutriBiotic pioneered the process and use of grapefruit seed extract. You will find the fruits of our labors in a range of products including our skin cleansers, shower gels, bubble bath, dental gels, deodorants, body and foot powder, liquid concentrate, CapsulesPlus, and more.   NutriBiotic stands committed to providing the very best for you and your family and is  pleased to be able to offer you an ever-expanding range of quality nutritional supplements and personal care formulas developed with the intent of protecting and enhancing your health.

NutriBiotic(n.d.). Retrieved from http://NutriBiotic.com/

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Natural Factors BlueRich™ Super Strength Blueberry Concentrate

Natural Factors creates BlueRich™ softgels from fresh blueberries, to provide a superior source of blueberry’s unique health promoting compounds. The softgels are a potent source of blueberry powder containing a 36:1 extract that provides 36 times the antioxidant power of fresh berries. It is made by Natural Factors from 100% natural blueberry fruit solids, without using any solvents, preservatives, added sugars, water, flavorings or color. Blueberries are high on the ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) scale. Research is showing that high ORAC fruits and vegetables may help protect against common day-to-day oxidative damage.

See more: http://www.vitasprings.com/natural-factors.html

Natural Factors (n.d.). Retrieved from http://www.naturalfactors.com/

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MegaFood’s Non-GMO Commitment

MegaFood is Non-GMO.

You may already know that MegaFood has a very strong non-GMO commitment. Our products with a lime green non-GMO butterfly seal have the proper documentation to be labeled GMO Free, and we are really proud of this. Our farm partners and suppliers have been required to disclose non-GMO documentation for our ingredients since 2009. We believe strongly in mandatory labeling initiatives, so we carefully selected a group of our products to undergo third-party verification by the Non-GMO Project. The Non-GMO Project is the leading third party verification organization that was founded by independent natural foods retailers in the U.S. and Canada in 2008 (just one year before we started requiring non-GMO documentation for our products).

Our first 5 products to be verified by the Non-GMO Project are: Blood Builder, Wild Blueberry, Magnesium, Calcium and Calcium, Magnesium and Potassium. The Non-GMO Project has also recognized our manufacturing facility in New Hampshire, as compliant for Non-GMO Project Verification. Our shiny new walls are proud to wear this certification.

Non-GMO Project Verification is a pretty big accomplishment for supplement companies like us. Our vitamins contain many different ingredients (as many as one-hundred in one product — yeah 100!). Part of the process for Non-GMO Project verification requires us to provide multiple pieces of documentation for each ingredient – that could be as many as 200 documents per product, talk about a paper trail! These forms certify that the ingredients we use in our products are pure and free of GMOs. The certification goes deep – literally – down to the soil in which some of our fruits and vegetables are grown. When you compare a supplement containing one-hundred ingredients to a product, such as a baked good which may have up to ten ingredients (or a corn-chip which has three… yup, corn-chips have 3 ingredients: corn, oil, salt), you can clearly see the level of complexity and the time needed for review. This makes the verification commitment very time consuming for both supplement companies like us and the Non-GMO Project.

Non-GMO is rapidly becoming the new “standard” in consumable manufacturing and we are very proud to be part of this movement. We have formed the Non-GMO Working Group, a team of dietary supplement manufacturers who work together to source non-GMO ingredients and support non-GMO farmers – think of us like a group of superheroes… ya’ know like; Batman, Iron Man, Wonder Woman and everyone in between – all working together for one cause. As a unified group we have a larger influence over ingredient suppliers and farmers to provide upfront documentation for non-GMO verification. Additionally, as we continue our commitment to clearly label our products as non-GMO we are financially supporting other mandatory labeling initiatives like Prop 37 in California and I-522 in Washington state.

We have additional products that are in the process of being verified, and by working closely with our farmers, suppliers, and similar like-minded supplement manufacturers (the superhero gang) we are taking large strides to improve the process of verification with the Non-GMO Project. Keep an eye out for more MegaFood Non-GMO Project Verified products in the future! And thank you for supporting the cause!

See More: http://www.vitasprings.com/megafood.html

MegaFood (n.d.). Retrieved from http://www.megafood.com/

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Anti-Aging Supplements with Hormones and Resveratrol

Featured Items


GenF20 Plus HGH, Human Growth Hormone Releaser, Albion Medical

GenF20 Plus HGH, Human Growth Hormone Releaser, Albion Medical

Resveratrol with Pterostilbene 250 mg, 60 Veggie Capsules, ReserveAge Organics

Resveratrol with Pterostilbene 250 mg, 60 Veggie Capsules, ReserveAge Organics

Omega-3 Fish Oil Concentrate, 60 Softgels, Solgar

Omega-3 Fish Oil Concentrate, 60 Softgels, Solgar

Everybody is into anti-aging supplements nowadays. There are just so many elements in today’s world that hasten aging – from pollution and lack of activity to unwanted and unnecessary stress. Moreover, people just want to look and feel younger. Many people are beginning to see the advantages of having a younger-looking body and feeling younger than your years.

More and more anti-aging supplements are found in nature and pride themselves as supplements containing natural ingredients. One of the more popular supplemental ingredients is green tea and green tea extracts. Green tea has been used for thousands of years in the Far East and it has been known to be helpful in curbing heart disease and certain types of cancer. Green tea extracts has been proven to contain high amounts of flavanols and polyphenols which are potent antioxidants. Free radicals which destroy body cells and hasten aging of internal organs can now be combated with green tea extracts.

Other anti-aging supplements that have been found to be effective are:

  • Omega-3 oils (found in fish) that maintain a strong, young heart. Maintaining a well-functioning heart is an essential factor in curbing the effects of aging.
  • Carnosine (eggs and dairy) which buffs pH levels, protecting muscles from high glucose levels which can destroy them.

But then, anti-aging supplements these days have found a new face. Although the use of antioxidants in anti-aging supplements still is the leading practice, hormones have also been thoroughly considered and are now fast becoming the subject of studies and solutions on aging.

The things with hormones though is that they have not really shown a significant effect when it comes to reversing aging. In a recent review by the American Medical Association, products that contain or therapies that increase levels of human growth hormone, estrogen and testosterone have not really displayed effects as potent as they promised. Anti-aging supplements that have shown more promise are those with lipoic acid as one of their active ingredients. Lipoic acid is an antioxidant and also functions as a recycler of other antioxidants which doubles its effect. It also acts as a suppressant of the bad effects that excess glucose has on the body.

A natural sleep aid, melatonin supplements have also demonstrated effectiveness in terms of being an antioxidant, aside from its primary purpose of treating insomnia. When taken in higher dosages, it has been proven to have great anti-aging properties.

Another substance that is getting recognition for its anti-aging effectiveness is resveratrol, which is usually found in grapes and blueberries. Its antioxidant properties and effectiveness against combating harmful effects of cholesterol has made it an in demand anti-aging product. Its anti-inflammatory and fat loss properties have also made it an effective aid in preventing certain cancers and heart disease.

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